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Teaching Methodology

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At Global Indus Valley School our well trained and dedicated teachers create the right ambience for learning, encouraging the children to ask questions and find the apt answers, while guiding them towards finding solutions in innovative ways and making sure that learning is not confined to the four walls of the classroom, but also in fun-filled extra-curricular activities.The school is centrally air-conditioned and equipped with state-of-the art facilities and amenities, including Audio-visual, Computer and Science Laboratories. It facilitates teaching various disciplines in an overall environment conducive for education.

Time management and presentation skills training student-led conferences, model United Nations Sessions are only some of the programmes that are part of the overall learning process.

Teachers’ Training

Global Indus Valley School is very particular about the quality of the teachers employed by the school. Not only are they highly qualified academically, but also compassionate and devoted to teaching.  To keep the teachers updated and refreshed, GIVS teachers take part in Teachers Training Workshops throughout the academic year. These workshops help in building further capacity and also introduce them to modern teaching tools and methods. The GIVS teachers are specifically trained in handling slow learners too, because we believe that each child is unique.

Professional development is given high importance at GIVS. Teachers are trained to upgrade them professionally. Teaching and non-teaching staff are given professional development opportunities at regular intervals in the field of academics and soft skills.

The Teachers Training Workshops are held in diverse ways and on various topics, to help develop their professional and soft skills.

An Outdoor Team Building and Leadership Workshop has been organizing to update our teachers in the school premises. The group will learnt how to co-operate and communicate effectively, taking emotional and physical risks, in a graduated series of problem solving activities. The principal of the school has been guiding the team members on every Saturday for improving their language skills, teaching methodology and dealing with a student problems in several sessions. In various other Workshops held within the campus, Goal-setting, Dining Etiquette, and Personality Development are being taught.

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