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Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi, Affiliation No. 1730641
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“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”

  • ¬†Global Indus Valley Public School in Kotkasim is comprehensive, English medium school located in prime Areas with Impressive Infrastructure and good ambience. In our schools, students of all abilities and backgrounds study together as one great family. Education, we believe, is a dynamic and lifelong Process of learning. Global Indus Valley schools provide a warm, friendly and supportive and fun- filled learning environment so that our young students find enjoyment and excitement in their learning.
  • Our students are encouraged work hard, to aim high and develop such values that will make them wholesome personality with strong community values.
  • Through our Holistic curriculum, we try to help our students to succeed academically, develop fine sensibilities through love for arts and develop a scientific temper by savoring the fun of science and technology.
  • We strongly believe that each individual who comes to us is unique and gifted. Hence, we try to help each students discover his latent strengths and weaknesses. The school provides a supportive and secure environment where each student is motivated to aim high, find his place in society and respect the aspiration of his peers. We help our children to grow in all dimensions by Providing Space, quality and Individual care.
  • Global Indus Valley school build on success, help their students to develop as complete human beings with strong moral, social emotional, intellectual and spiritual Values.
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